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Meet the Misfits | Chris Cashon

"The world might end in 3, 2, 1..."

Chris is playing the role of Father Time for our 2018 production of The Broom Cupboard.

Chris is excited to return as a veteran Misfit. Previously he played Darcy in MTC’s Pies & PREJUDICE.

He has a Mouse (of the Mickey kind) to thank for flipping on and setting the acting gene from hyper speed to plaid. His experience teaching guests at Disney about plastics and innovative technology through various, unique characters, opened the doors to explore acting further, taking him to the Greenville stages and to both the small and the big screens.

Chris has been seen in a number of local productions, some of his favorites including: CAPTURE NOW (One Man Show, Centre Stage) IS HE DEAD (Philem O’Shaunessy, Centre Stage), SECOND CHANCE (Doug, Centre Stage), BAREFOOT IN THE PARK (Paul Bratter, Greenville Little Theatre), NOISES OFF (Stage Manager, Greenville Little Theatre). He has also been a part of various short films, regional commercials, and movies. We are so thrilled to have Chris back for his second Misfit Show!

_______________________ Written and produced by the same band of MISFITS who brought you such outrageous experiences as Grimm & Bear It! and Pies & Prejudice, The Broom Cupboard tells the hilarious story of a band of unlikely heroes who will travel space and time to save the universe! August 22nd - 31st at Revel Event Center

Seating is limited and there will be high demand! Help us produce this show by ordering your tickets in advance.

Buy your tickets before July 1st to get a shot at a $200 Amazon Gift Card!

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