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Stars Off Stage: Sarah Roe

Sarah is a super awesome rock star! We think you'll agree. Read on to get to know this marvelous Misfit.

Q: Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

A: I definitely love the warmer weather, but nothing can beat the magical feeling of the holidays during winter!

Q: Night in with a book or a night out with friends

A: This is tough! I absolutely love to read, but I definitely would trade a night to spend with people that I love.

Now, on to the Theatre! Questions that is.

Q: This is your first play with us, but is it your first play?

A: No. I’ve done a few plays during high school, been “Hebrew Woman #27” in an opera, been a vocal coach for a musical and have done a couple acting duos.

Q: We know you have an amazing singing voice, but do you play any instruments?

A: Yes! I have played the flute for 23 years, Irish pennywhistle for 9 years, and Ukulele for 5 years. I also play a little piano, but mostly for enjoyment.

(keep an eye out for pennywhistle music videos on our feed now)

Q: You are a vocalist/musician and a writer. Music Vs. Writing What is your favorite and why?

A: Writing is a recent addition that God has put into my life. I’ve always loved reading, but I never was an astute writer. It wasn’t until I traveled with an evangelistic group for 4 years that I was asked to contribute to the ministry blog and write what the Lord was teaching me. From there, I started a blog and loved writing every so often. I also loved telling stories to children that were either silly or had a deep meaning to them. I wrote down one of those stories and eventually published it in honor of a friend that had passed away. Music has been a part of my life since I could speak. My mom played the piano and my dad the guitar. My sisters and I would sing together in church and all night if we could. It’s just a huge part of my life and it would be a difficult thing for it to not be. Although I am enjoying the writing, I am more of a musician at heart.

Q: Published! Nice, we had no idea (we totally had an idea). Is there another book on the way?

A: At this point, I will say this is a great possibility!

Q: Acting, Singing, Dancing. What is your favorite?

A: This one is easy for me. I enjoy the singing much more than acting or dancing. Mostly, because acting can be terrifying at times and I’m a beginner when it comes to dancing. If someone were to ask me to sing a solo in front of 10,000 people versus a speech in front of 100 people, I would choose to sing.

(Alternatively, you could sing your speech. Just saying)

Q: There is a bevy of musicals/plays turned movie. Film or Stage?

A: I think I prefer stage. There’s a chance to see rawness and opportunity for involvement in the story. With film, there tends to be more of a disconnect.

Q: What is your dream role?

A: My dream role would be to play Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

(Hmmmmm, if only we knew a playwrite and a theatre company)

Q: You’ve been busy these past two months, What was your favorite thing that happened?

A: Yes, it has been busy! I was able to finish a bachelor’s degree which is a huge milestone for me, but that wasn’t my favorite. My favorite moment of these last two months was when the love of my life asked me to marry him! We are so excited about the future and also excited to be in this play together! (He’s the *Beep…shhh)

*Edited for content. Classified information

Q: Any hidden talent/fun fact to add?

A: I have been to 14 countries.

(Cue music: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego theme)

Sarah, it is a pleasure to have you on the company with us and we look forward to all the crazy and awesome things we are going to make happen now. Like that pennywhistle, you should start leaving that in your bag or something.

Sarah will be making her debut with the Misfits in our upcoming fall production. We are so excited to bring her light to our stage for you.

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