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Stars Off Stage: Sarah Roe

Sarah is a super awesome rock star! We think you'll agree. Read on to get to know this marvelous Misfit.

Q: Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

A: I definitely love the warmer weather, but nothing can beat the magical feeling of the holidays during winter!

Q: Night in with a book or a night out with friends

A: This is tough! I absolutely love to read, but I definitely would trade a night to spend with people that I love.

Now, on to the Theatre! Questions that is.

Q: This is your first play with us, but is it your first play?

A: No. I’ve done a few plays during high school, been “Hebrew Woman #27” in an opera, been a vocal coach for a musical and have done a couple acting duos.

Q: We know you have an amazing singing voice, but do you play any instruments?