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5 Tips to Nailing Your Audition Song

1. Choose the Right Key for You

Selecting the right song for your audition is critical, but once you have found it, you need to make sure it showcases your range and ability in dynamic and meaningful ways. Try out a few different keys when singing a new song. Try singing a song in 3 different keys before you make a decision. You can try singing the song in three similar keys close in pitch, or challenge yourself and try a lower key or a higher key. Sometimes a song may sound more interesting if it is flipped around. Trying something completely different can give the song a fresh, new element. Just be sure that whatever you pick, and whatever you key you choose, that you feel comfortable and confident mastering and performing it again and again. Have fun with this and explore!

2. Find a Connection

A vocal audition is an opportunity to sell yourself. Directors do not just cast voices - they cast people. As an actor, you would be wise to connect yourself to your performance in some meaningful way. In what ways can you empathize with the character in your song? Use your imagination to step into the thoughts, feelings, and circumstances this character may be facing that could impact the why and how of your performance. Finding this connection between the song and yourself will not only help you be more comfortable in your audition, but also showcase a more personal component of your ability for the panel of directors watching.You will discover you connect with the directors better if you can connect yourself to the story you are singing.

3. Do Not Sing from the Show

Every casting director is different, but unless they ask you to prepare a selection from the show you are auditioning for, it may be safer to avoid using a song from the show. Everyone will know that you are a fan of the show by coming to audition in the first place. However, singing from the show could end up hurting your chances - you maybe limiting yourself to one role in said play, or the director's vision for that particular song may be so rigid and specific that you could be stepping into expectations you know nothing about, and thereby get yourself written off. Also try and stay away from incredibly popular songs. Everyone loves Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but after you’ve heard it 10 tim