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Stars Off Stage | Tracy Bogs

Today we have the wonderful pleasure of chatting with the one and only Tracy Bogs. Let’s meet her together, shall we?

Q: Tea or Coffee?

A: Coffee, but I like mine sweet. I usually say I’ll have a little coffee with my cream and sugar

Q: Princess or Villain?

A: Villain. They can be more fun to play, right?

(Ok, real questions now)

Q: How long have you been a part of the theatre community?

A: I’ve been doing local theatre for 30 years now

Q: And have you only been an actor or are you involved in just all the things?

A: With most shows I’ve done, I try to help wherever needed - costumes, set painting, and even choreographed a production of “Bye, Bye Birdie” years ago… a past life

Q: I see you’re from Chicago-land. How long have you been in the upstate?

A: The past 15 years. It is such a beautiful place and I have been delighted that it has offered me so many great theatre opportunities.

Q: Kiddos?

A: Yes! Emma(26), Evan (18), and Ethan (13),

Q: Musicals or straight plays?

A: Musicals are my jam! Although I have been blessed to have played opposite my husband in a production of Julius Caesar.

Q: What is your favorite musical then?

A: Favorite musical? “I could no sooner pick a favorite star in the heavens.” (That’s a quote from my favorite movie turned musical “Ever After”). Musicals, typically are lighthearted and enchanting. Plus, I’m a total song and dance kinda girl.

Q: This is your first show with the Misfits. How did you find us?

A: I discovered Misfits through social media. Misfit’s is a wonderful niche I am so grateful to have found! Original script, original songs, and a community of people who are so welcoming and passionately talented, I mean, where do I sign up?

Q: Any Special talents?

A: Guessing every gift my husband has ever given me before opening it. It drives him crazy.

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Tracy. We can not wait to do more wonderful and creative things with you.

Keep an eye out for Tracy in our latest production “The Inspector of Oz”. What will she be doing? Guess you’ll just have to keep looking for her character reveal. Sorry for the tease (we aren’t sorry).

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