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The Key to the Cupboard

It’s hard to believe we’re less than a month away from another show. This’ll be our third show here at Misfit Theatre Company, our third run through of a brand new musical comedy, and the third time that I’ve been ridiculously lucky and blessed enough to have some of the most incredibly talented people in the world stand up on a stage and say some words that I wrote down when I definitely should have been sleeping.

Grimm and Bear it! at the 2016 New South Comedy Festival

When we started Misfit, our goal was to tell great stories with talented people, and I feel like every year I get more and more blown away by the talent we work with.

As a writer, I find myself rooting around in my brain, trying to find stories worthy of these people - which brings us to the inevitable question: what makes great stories?

For me at least, it’s not about the plot or the setting or the action or any of the things that might spring to the mind first. Those are important for sure, but for me plays live and die with characters. There’s a regular buffet line of characters here and there scattered throughout the vast wasteland that is my brain and the best part of writing a play for me is getting to sit down with those characters and find out who they are. What makes them tick, what makes them funny or sad, what makes them laugh or cry? Who are they and why is their story worth telling?