Meet the Misfits | Kailee Napier

Do the things

Kailee Napier is our technical Intern in our 2018 production of The Broom Cupboard. In theatre-ese, “Intern” roughly translates into “does whatever needs to get done.”

This is her first time working with the Misfit Theatre Company but she seems to be integrating into the chaos quite well. Kailee possesses nearly a decade of experience working backstage in a variety of capacities. She builds, calls, manages, repairs, rigs, wrangles, and occasionally flies. She also had a brief stint in acting--but we don’t talk about that.

Our operatives could gather little information about Kailee’s life outside of the theatre. We know that she hails from Walla Walla, Washington. We also know that she’s earned a B.A. in Creative Writing and has written several award-winning short scripts. She’s also an apparent academic masochist (she is currently working through post-grad for a B.A. in Theatre Arts). Kailee’s hobbies may or may not include reading, hiking, puppeteering, and supporting the Chicago Cubs. Sources indicate that she may also be a supervillain, but this remains unconfirmed.

______________________ The Broom Cupboard tells the hilarious story of a band of unlikely heroes who will travel space and time to save the universe! August 22nd - 31st at Revel Event Center