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Meet The Misfits | Micah Thompson

"I'm not complaining... I just... have some complaints"

Misfit co-founder and Chief Scribbler of Stories, Micah Thompson is the playwright responsible for the little slice of hilarious chaos we call The Broom Cupboard. He will also be playing the role of the Easter Bunny. So... if you ever wanted to see Micah in bunny ears and sporting a fluffy cotton tail, you just might want to see this show. I mean, if that's all the show was - all by itself - Micah in bunny ears - that would be worth it all by itself! Right? RIGHT?!

What can be said of Micah Thompson that hasn’t already been said… by Micah Thompson? He’s a writer, an actor, and a guy who if he saw you were digging a hole would lend you a shovel.

In addition to many other projects, Micah has written plays, podcasts, TV shows, musicals, and web series. He has collaborated on a host of theatrical productions in a broad range of capacities.

Micah’s been proud, privileged, and ridiculously lucky to have written two scripts for Misfit Theatre over the last two years. ‘Grimm and Bear it’ and ‘Pies and Prejudice’ were both his brain babies and fortunately they were raised, educated, and brought into full and brilliant adulthood by a lot of people WAY more talented than Micah.*

don't ask...

Micah’s written another musical comedy this year,The Broom Cupboard, because, frankly, until someone comes and makes him stop he’s just gonna keep doing it. As mentioned - he also plays the Easter Bunny in the show which gives him an excuse to show up at rehearsals and a chance for him to live his dream of making his already pretty large ears much much larger. Micah is excited, blessed, and humbled to get to work with such amazingly talented people and to share this newest production with our incredible family of fans.


_______________________ Written and produced by the same band of MISFITS who brought you such outrageous experiences as Grimm & Bear It!and Pies & Prejudice, The Broom Cupboard tells the hilarious story of a band of unlikely heroes who will travel space and time to save the universe! August 22nd - 31st at Revel Event Center

Seating is limited and there will be high demand! Help us produce this show by ordering your tickets in advance.

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