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Meet the Misfits | Emily Smith

aka Smoth

Emily is playing the role of Grey in our 2018 production of The Broom Cupboard.

Emily is a senior performance major at North Greenville University and is thrilled to be pursuing her acting career. Some of her favorite roles include Pamela from “The 39 Steps”, Merriman from “The Importance of Being Earnest, and the lady who says “I need six eggs!” In “Beauty and the Beast.” (yes, really).

When not in a theatre, on or offstage, Emily can be found visiting her wonderful family in Kathmandu, Nepal. Other hobbies include improv, massage therapy, yoga, napping in the grass, and drinking an obscene amount of tea.

“The Broom Cupboard” is Emily's Misfit debut, and she is so excited to be a part of this wonderful, crazy family!

________________ Written and produced by the same band of MISFITS who brought you such outrageous experiences as Grimm & Bear It! and Pies & Prejudice, The Broom Cupboard tells the hilarious story of a band of unlikely heroes who will travel space and time to save the universe! August 22nd - 31st at Revel Event Center Seating is limited and there will be high demand! Help us produce this show by ordering your tickets in advance:

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