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Meet the Misfits | Nathan Young

"thou know'st 'tis common; all that lives must die"

Nathan is playing the role of Death in our 2018 production of The Broom Cupboard.

Nathan Young has always had a love of story. His father read him classics by authors like H.G. Wells, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Charles Dickens when he was as young as 8 years old. Growing up, he never felt like he really fit in anywhere because nobody seemed to share in his imagination and love of narrative…until he ended up in a school production during his sophomore year of college. This is where he found his niche.

Nathan has worked on over two dozen shows in his 5 year theater career. Nathan loves being involved in every aspect of the theater process and has worked in a broad range of capacities including set design, set construction, technical operation, acting, directing, and stage management. Most recently, he served as Assistant Director for the BJU production of Much Ado About Nothing while also playing Claudio in the same show.

actors Nathan and Emily chilling during a photo shoot

His Misfit debut, The Broom Cupboard is also Nathan's very first musical. Having been a close friend of the Misfits for years, he is excited to join the Misfit family!


Written and produced by the same band of MISFITS who brought you such outrageous experiences as Grimm & Bear It! and Pies & Prejudice, The Broom Cupboard tells the hilarious story of a band of unlikely heroes who will travel space and time to save the universe! August 22nd - 31st at Revel Event Center Seating is limited and there will be high demand! Help us produce this show by ordering your tickets in advance:

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