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Three Reasons Theatre is Essential

As I write this blog post - long red nails obnoxiously tapping the keyboard, mic tape adhesive subtly stuck to my cheek, and remnants of bright lipstick still on my lips – I find myself almost joyful at the thought of how much I love theatre. We just concluded tech week for Honky Tonk Angels at Mill Town Players – long nights, pages of notes, reworking scenes – and even through the exhaustion, I wouldn’t change a thing. This is what we have worked towards for six weeks. To open to a full house of eager audience members, ready to escape their lives for two and a half hours and take that feeling home with them. This is theatre.

To me, theatre is essential. It is a part of who I am. Each character leaves a little bit of herself in me, so that I can grow and learn from her. That is what we hope for our audiences as well. That they can see a show like Honky Tonk Angels and be inspired to follow their dreams, or Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and be compelled to live a life free of mendacity, or HAIR and revisit the idea of what it means to question authority. As an actor and co-owner of a community theatre, I feel personally responsible for what an audience gleans from a performance. And as an audience member, I feel personally responsible to soak in as much truth as possible while watching a show. Our hope as theatre artists has to be to provide escape, inspire, and compel change for our audiences, our fellow actors, and ourselves.


As an actor or audience member, I find myself lost within a show