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SOLD OUT?! | Pies & Prejudice adding shows to accommodate high demand

"Let's sell out by Labor Day!" I had said almost jokingly to co-founder and playwright, Micah Thompson, earlier this summer. When we launched this crazy project, we new we had hit on a golden idea, we just didn't know if the Greenville community would think so too!

Well, we didn't quite hit that less than serious goal. We sold our last two tickets at about 5:30 am - the morning AFTER Labor Day. In the famous words of Napoleon, "And that is what I call a win!"

We are so humbled and excited that so many of our Upstate friends and colleagues would help make our second Misfit show so successful! In fact, I have some fabulous news: Due to popular demand, we're bringing Pies & Prejudice to Performance Hall at BJU for TWO MORE SHOWS.

Tickets are on sale now, and we expect them to go as quickly as the Brick Street tickets went!

Go get yours today!