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Brian Büda is the song writer, arranger, and producer of the music of Pies & Prejudice! Misfit fans may remember his work from our 1st Misfit project ever, Grimm and Bear it! His creative ingenuity was outstanding as we saw such favorites as "Everybody's Dead" and "Fairy Tale Love Song" spring to life.

Pies & Prejudice combines Brian’s love of music and visual storytelling, and he's an absolute joy to collaborate with. Some of his previous experience includes writing and scoring music for film, church choirs, children’s musicals, dramas, Shakespeare plays, and other theatrical performances.



Assistant Director / Lighting Designer

Brooke Dersch graduated from Bob Jones University in 2014 with a degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Photography. She is the owner of Brooke Waters Pottery and is an experienced theatre technician in the upstate. In addition to directing, acting and design, she enjoys lighting design the most. She has designed lights for many productions, including the following: The Chronicles of Narnia, Wait Until Dark, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Musicman.

Brooke is very excited to be working on Pies and Prejudice as the Assistant Director and Lighting Designer. She is looking forward to creating art with this talented group of people. We are thrilled to have her on our team!



Chris has the Mouse (of the Mickey kind) to thank for flipping on and setting the acting gene from hyper speed to plaid.

His experience teaching guests at Disney about plastics and
innovative technology through various, unique characters, opened the doors to explore acting further, taking him to the Greenville stages, in addition to both the small and big screens.

Chris has been seen in a number of local productions, some of his favorites including: IS HE DEAD (Centre Stage), SECOND CHANCE (Centre Stage), BAREFOOT IN THE PARK (Greenville Little Theatre), NOISES OFF (Greenville Little Theatre).

He has also been a part of various short films, regional commercials, and movies. This is Chris' first musical comedy, and we couldn't be more thrilled to see his MISFIT Debut as Darcy in Pies & Prejudice!



Caroline Bingley

Crystal Tyler is a lover of the arts and live performance. Her primary emphasis is film and video production. Crystal has worked as both cast and crew on independent shorts, feature films, industrial films, music videos, TV, and commercials.

Having been involved in productions at Greenville Little Theatre, Centre Stage, Village Theatre, Converse College, Greenville Tech Theatre Troupe, the Ritz Theatre, and NCP improv group, she has experience in acting, modeling, voice-over, photography, and graphic design.

“Pies and Prejudice” is her Misfit debut, and her first ever musical. We are excited to have her join this unique and talented team. She dedicates all of her performances to her daughter Leila and in memory of Cpl Stephen Wolchok.


Ben Franklin / William Shakespeare

A dynamic creative, James' passions span a broad range of disciplines. With a brain for business and data, he balances his innumerable smarts with such activities as creative writing and music.

James has worked backstage and on the business side of theatre, but this will be his first appearance on stage in nearly 10 years! As the resident nerd of this production, he works in Business Intelligence, Data Structuring, and Analysis, but more importantly, he sings in a local Irish folk band!

This is James' Misfit debut, and we can't wait to see his unique take on our ridiculous versions of these historical characters!



Jane Bennet

Jessica MacQuarrie wears many hats at Greenville Classical Academy where she teaches Rhetoric and elementary drama classes, while also working as the school's Events Coordinator. She holds a B.S. in Speech Education from Northland International University and an M.A. in Theatre Arts from Bob Jones University.

Jessica enjoys acting, directing, and producing original plays. She has performed in Tempest, Love’s Labor’s Lost, The Matchmaker, and Pride and Prejudice in addition to many others.

A Misfit veteran, Jessica has been with the company since the very beginning. Her performance as Marie Antoinette in our 1st musical comedy, Grimm and Bear it!, was a pure delight. We couldn't be more thrilled to see her jump into this new, delicious baking stage adventure.


Artistic Director / Napoleon / General Production Wizard

Johnathan, (aka Schofie \ sk-O'-fee \), is the man at the helm, the nucleus at the center of the atom, the guide on your family bus tour through crazy town!

Johnathan has always been the 'big-picture' guy - the guy to inspire and lead. He tries to take abstract ideas and translate them into tangible and dynamic experiences for both artists and patrons alike.

He has had the privilege to collaborate on over 30 productions in the past 10 years alone. Some of his favorite acting experiences include Iago (OTHELLO), Darcy (Pride and Prejudice), and Chicago (IS HE DEAD).

Johnathan is infinitely grateful for the opportunity to brush shoulders with such outstanding creatives for this fresh and original project - Pies & Prejudice. You won't want to miss this crazy ride, and he apologizes in advance for his French accent. . .



Mrs Bennet

Katrina has been active in the Greenville theatre community since she completed graduate school in 2013. Some of her favorite roles include Julia (TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA), the Newsboy (JEKYLL AND HYDE, THE MUSICAL), and Mae (CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF). She has performed most recently with Centre Stage Theatre in Greenville and the Market Theatre Company in Anderson.

In addition to being a versatile actor, Katrina is also a dynamic vocalist - having performed both independently, and also collaborated with local musicians. This is Katrina's Misfit debut, and we couldn't be more thrilled to see her bring Mrs. Bennet to life in a way you've never seen before! 


Lydia / Washington / Dickens

Lindsay has performed locally for the past few years, recent stage roles including: “Jackie,” Second Chance (Centre Stage), “Caroline,” A Christmas Carol (GLT), “Miranda”, The Tempest, “Rosaline,” Love’s Labour’s Lost, & “Hermia/Snug,” Midsummer Night’s Dream (GSC).

She is always excited for the chance to tell stories, whether on stage, on camera, or behind the scenes. Lindsay holds both an MA and BA in Theatre Arts, is adjunct faculty at Tri-County Technical College and Greenville Tech, and also teaches theatre at Artios Academies.

The Misifit Theatre Company couldn't be more thrilled to see Lindsay bring her unique abilities to these three outlandish characters.



Charles Bingley

A recent graduate of Bob Jones University, Luke studied theatre and theology in tandem. Much of his acting experience has been through the University including such dynamic roles as Horatio in Hamlet, Johnathan in Whales Outside the Window, and John Willoughby in Sense and Sensibility.

Luke is a performer at heart whose love for theatre is rivaled only by his love for his wife Olivia and his love for Christian ministry. He believes that his art reflects a creative God who cares for everyone, even theatre geeks like himself. He is excited to be joining the ensemble for this fresh-baked performance!


Elizabeth Bennet

Markel has loved and worked in theater from a young age. All through her college career she participated in many productions where she worked in a variety of capacities - from actor, singer, and crew technician to both vocal and dialect coach.

For the past two years she has taught at Artios Academies, a Fine Arts school in Greenville, SC. She has been teaching musical theater and producing large scale high school productions. In April 2017, Markel had the amazing privilege to perform with her students as Mrs. Paroo in The Music Man. This experience forever solidified her love for being on and off stage.

Markel is a Misfit veteran - having been the musical director for our 2016 show, Grimm and Bear it! We are thrilled to see her take on the uniquely challenging role of Elizabeth in Pies and Prejudice!



Playwright / Narrator

Micah Thompson is the sleep deprived and caffeine fueled writer of Pies & Prejudice. Micah’s been writing since his pudgy baby fingers could hold a Crayola - though admittedly some of his earlier works lacked a certain “ability to form words.” Micah’s written multiple plays, a podcast, a few TV shows, two musicals, some web series, and an unlicensed sequel to Poor Richard's Almanac called Middle-Class Ricardo’s Maps and Recipes. Micah also suits up to play “The Narrator” in Pies & Prejudice, taking full advantage of his ability to not have to wear a costume.


Stage Manager / Audio Design

Travis Bakos is a total boss as both our stage manager and audio designer. A Misfit veteran, Travis was the technical director for our 1st ever show - Grimm and Bear it!

A fellow artist passionate about telling meaningful stories through film, he has proven versatile and creative in these uniquely different stage opportunities. In addition to his young theatre career, he has contributed to such films as Milltown Pride, Unsuper, Everything Happens at Once, and Chronology. Travis thrives off of collaboration and is a total go-getter.




Carrie has been dancing for over 30 years and has been teaching for over 25 years. Starting with ballet in Anchorage, Alaska and expanding to tap, jazz, Broadway, lyrical, modern and hip hop styles after moving to South Carolina.

Carrie has spent countless hours in studios, performing up and down the east coast - from New York and Disney to Carnival Cruise Lines. In addition to being the director of Sterling Studio in Easely, SC, she also has been a member of multiple professional companies. Her choreography has gone to national competitions and has also been seen at the Spoleto Festival on more then one occasion.

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