When the ruler of Munchkin land is murdered with a house, the Munchkins hire Oz’s only working detective to get to the bottom of it... The mystery... not the house... Inspector Frank Columgnome is brought into a scene of chaos in Munchkinland, a dead Witch, a clueless girl in a tablecloth, and a whole lot of vandalized road bricks. Frank and his assistant, Marg Hamilton, quickly become embroiled in a death by house, a girl on the run forming a very ineffectual gang, and a witch with an extremely odd set of allergies.


Can Columgnome get to the bottom of the mystery before someone else is killed by a house? Who brought this strange tablecloth girl to Oz? And why does everyone keep bursting into song? These questions and more must be unravelled by one Inspector, his assistant Marg, and a book that no one in the audience has ever actually read.

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